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Artisan Touch has experienced carpenters on staff, capable of handling any of your repair needs.

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More Than

More Than What Meets The Eye

Sometimes there is more damage than you can see

Thankfully, Artisan Touch has carpenters on hand that can spot these areas that may have extensive damage and correct them.

In this case here there was obvious rot on the trim of a window, likely caused by failed caulk. As it turned out that the studs in the wall, as well as the board on the side of the house was extensively rotted as well, not just the trim!

How To Prevent The Above

Rot happens, but there are steps that can be taken in order to extend the life of wood and trim on your home.

One of the biggest steps we at Artisan Touch take to extend the life of trim is to prime/paint the trim before installation, this way water cannot soak into the wood so easily.

When we go to replace the rotted trim, we cut the caulk to prevent additional damage to the surrounding siding when the trim is removed.

Once the old trim is removed the siding is sanded down. This is done in order to provide a more appropriate surface for the primer, paint, and caulk to stick to.

After the siding is sanded, all sides are primed in order to help prevent water and moisture from seeping into the wood, as noted above.

Commonly Asked Questions And Concerns

Q: Do I have to hire a separate contractor for painting and carpentry?

A: Sometimes. Some companies only offer one service and not the other. Artisan Touch offers both.

Q: Do other companies offer painting and carpentry?

A: Yes. Other companies do indeed offer both services, but not all of the have separate crews for carpentry and painting like Artisan Touch does.

Q: Do I need to have the carpentry and painting completed at the same time?

A: Not necessarily. Any rot issues should be completed before paint is applied. When we replace rot issues using the method in the section above, the work lasts longer before needing attention again. If there is only superficial damage it does not necessarily need to be addressed, but paint may not cover it.

Q: Will the rot get worse if I don't repair or replace it now?

A: Yes. While putting a fresh coat of paint may stall the rot for a short time, ultimately the rot will always win. Often when rot is painted over, it is visible again through the paint merely weeks later. And if rot is not addressed when it is spotted it can begin causing structural damage without you knowing. See "More than what meets the eye"

Q: Is it better to hire different companies for painting and carpentry?

A: It depends. For some very specialized carpentry projects a different company should be hired, but the carpenters on staff at Artisan Touch have enough experience to fix and replace just about everything!

Q: Can I do the repairs myself?

A: Yes. But we don't recommend this course of action unless you are or once were a professional, as there are just some things that paint can't fix.

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